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Whitebark pine in western Canada

Whitebark pine, an important keystone high-elevation species, is suffering a massive decline due to disease, insects, fire exclusion and climate change. In August 2007, a workshop was held in Whistler BC to foster communication between Canadian and US researchers and land managers working with whitebark pine. Abstracts and presentations (pdf) from this workshop describing the current research and management issues for whitebark pine in western Canada can be downloaded from this website.


Workshop sponsored by the:

Forest Genetics Council of British Columbia (FGC)
Gene Conservation Technical Advisory Committee of FGC (GTAC)
Extension Technical Advisory Committee of FGC (ETAC)
Centre for Forest Conservation Genetics (CFCG)
BC Ministry of Forests and Range (BCMFR)


Workshop abstracts and full presentations (pdf):

Whitebark pine: uncertain future for the high elevation keystone
Diana F. Tomback (U of Colorado)
Abstract, Full presentation

Whitebark pine in British Columbia: an overview of current conditions and potential future trends
Elizabeth M. Campbell (BCMFR)
Abstract, Full presentation

Whitebark pine and white pine blister rust in the Rocky Mountains of Canada and northern Montana
Cyndi M. Smith (Parks Canada), Brendan Wilson, Salman Rasheed, Robert C. Walker, Tara Carolin, Brenda Shepherd.
Abstract, Full presentation

Variation in cone and seed characteristics in whitebark pine from Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia
I. Lebouc, J. Hill, F. Sorensen, J. Berdeen, R. Shoal, C. Aubry, D. Pigott (Yellow Point Propagation Ltd), R. Sniezko, J. King, A. Kegley, and L. Riley.
Abstract, Full presentation

Ecological genetics and seed transfer recommendations for whitebark pine
Andrew D. Bower and Sally N. Aitken (CFCG)
Abstract, Full presentation

Post-fire recruitment of whitebark pine
Randy Moody (Timberline)
Abstract, Full presentation

Blister rust prevalence in krummholz whitebark pine: implications for treeline dynamics
Lynn M. Resler and Diana F. Tomback
(University of Colorado)
Abstract, Full presentation

Ecological resilience of Whitebark pine - Cladina lichen ecosystems at the northwest limit of the species' range
Sybille Haeussler (Bulkley Valley Centre), Suzanne Simard and Alex Woods
Abstract, Full presentation

Will whitebark move north with climate change? A study of the current and projected northern species boundary
Sierra Curtis-McLane (CFCG)
Abstract, Full presentation

Whitebark pine and the U.S. National Park System
Michael Murray (Crater Lake NP)
Abstract, Full presentation

Whitebark Pine Restoration Planning for the Rocky Mountain National Parks
Brendan Wilson
(Selkirk College), Salman Rasheed, Cyndi M. Smith, Adrian Leslie
Abstract, Full presentation

Verbenone Protection of Whitebark Pine in Willmore Wilderness Park
Brooks Horne (Forestry Division, Alberta Sustainable Resource Development)
Abstract, Full presentation

Ten Situations that Shout "Watch Out" in Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Restoration Activities
Robert E. Keane (USDA Forest Service)
Abstract, Full presentation