Forest Tree Genetic Conservation Status Report 1:
In situ conservation status of all indigenous BC species

Resource 3. Subzone/variant names and codes

ZoneBEC UnitSubzone nameVariant name
Alpine Tundra   
Bunch Grass
 BG xh 1 Very Dry HotOkanagan
BG xh 2Very Dry HotThompson
BG xh 3Very Dry HotFraser
BG xw 1Very Dry WarmNicola
BG xw 2Very Dry WarmAlkali
Boreal Black and White Spruce
 BWBS dk 1Dry CoolStikine
BWBS dk 2Dry CoolLiard
BWBS mw 1Moist WarmPeace
BWBS mw 2Moist WarmFort Nelson
BWBS vkVery Wet Cool-
BWBS wk 1Wet CoolMurray
BWBS wk 2Wet CoolGraham
BWBS wk 3Wet CoolKledo
Coastal Douglas-fir
 CDF mmMoist Maritime-
Coastal Western Hemlock
 CWH dmDry Maritime-
CWH ds 1Dry SubmaritimeSouthern
CWH ds 2Dry SubmaritimeCentral
CWH mm 1Moist MaritimeSubmontane
CWH mm 2Moist MaritimeMontane
CWH ms 1Moist SubmaritimeSouthern
CWH ms 2Moist SubmaritimeCentral
CWH vh 1Very Wet HypermaritimeSouthern
CWH vh 2Very Wet HypermaritimeCentral
CWH vmVery Wet Maritime-
CWH vm 1Very Wet MaritimeSubmontane
CWH vm 2Very Wet MaritimeMontane
CWH vm 3Very Wet MaritimeCentral
CWH wh 1Wet HypermaritimeSubmontane
CWH wh 2Wet HypermaritimeMontane
CWH wmWet Maritime-
CWH ws 1Wet SubmaritimeSubmontane
CWH ws 2Wet SubmaritimeMontane
CWH xm 1Very Dry MaritimeEastern
CWH xm 2Very Dry MaritimeWestern
Engelmann Spruce - Subapline Fir  
 ESSF dc 1Dry ColdOkanagan
ESSF dc 2Dry ColdThompson
ESSF dkDry Cool-
ESSF dkpDry Cool Parkland-
ESSF dvDry Very Cold-
ESSF mcMoist Cold-
ESSF mkMoist Cool-
ESSF mmMoist MildRaush
ESSF mv 1Moist Very ColdNechako
ESSF mv 2Moist Very ColdBullmoose
ESSF mv 3Moist Very ColdOmineca
ESSF mv 4Moist Very ColdGraham
ESSF mwMoist Warm-
ESSF vcVery Wet Cold-
ESSF vcpVery Wet Cold Parkland-
ESSF wc 1Wet ColdColumbia
ESSF wc 2Wet ColdNorthern Monashee
ESSF wc 3Wet ColdCariboo
ESSF wc 4Wet ColdSelkirk
ESSF wcpWet Cold Parkland-
ESSF wk 1Wet CoolCariboo
ESSF wk 2Wet CoolMisinchinka
ESSF wmWet Mild-
ESSF wmpWet Mild Parkland-
ESSF wvWet Very Cold-
ESSF xcVery Dry Cold-
ESSF xv 1Very Dry Very ColdWest Chilcotin
ESSF xv 2Very Dry Very ColdBig Creek
Interior Cedar - Hemlock  
 ICH dkDry Cool-
ICH dwDry WarmWest Kootenay
ICH mc 1Moist ColdNass
ICH mc 2Moist ColdHazelton
ICH mk 1Moist CoolKootenay
ICH mk 2Moist CoolThompson
ICH mk 3Moist CoolHorsefly
ICH mmMoist Mild-
ICH mw 1Moist WarmGolden
ICH mw 2Moist WarmColumbia-Shuswap
ICH mw 3Moist WarmThompson
ICH vcVery Wet Cold-
ICH vk 1Very Wet CoolMica
ICH vk 2Very Wet CoolSlim
ICH wcWet Cold-
ICH wk 1Wet CoolWells Gray
ICH wk 2Wet CoolQuesnel
ICH wk 3Wet CoolGoat
ICH wk 4Wet CoolCariboo
ICH xwVery Dry Warm-
Interior Douglas-fir
 IDF dk 1Dry CoolThompson
IDF dk 2Dry CoolCascade
IDF dk 3Dry CoolFraser
IDF dk 4Dry CoolChilcotin
IDF dm 1Dry MildKettle
IDF dm 2Dry MildKootenay
IDF dwDry Warm-
IDF mw 1Moist WarmOkanagan
IDF mw 2Moist WarmThompson
IDF wwWet Warm-
IDF xh 1Very Dry HotOkanagan
IDF xh 2Very Dry HotThompson
IDF xmVery Dry Mild-
IDF xwVery Dry Warm-
Mountain Hemlock  
 MH mm 1Moist MaritimeWindward
MH mm 2Moist MaritimeLeeward
MH whWet HypermaritimeWindward
Montane Spruce  
 MS dc 1Dry ColdBridge
MS dc 2Dry ColdTatlayoko
MS dkDry Cool-
MS dm 1Dry MildOkanagan
MS dm 2Dry MildThompson
MS dvDry Very Cold-
MS xkVery Dry Cool-
MS xvVery Dry Very Cold-
Ponderosa Pine  
 PP dh 1Dry HotKettle
PP dh 2Dry HotKootenay
PP xh 1Very Dry HotOkanagan
PP xh 2Very Dry HotThompson
Sub-boreal Pine – Spruce  
 SBPS dcDry Cold-
SBPS mcMoist Cold-
SBPS mkMoist Cool-
SBPS xcVery Dry Cold-
Sub-Boreal – Spruce
 SBS dh 1Dry HotMcLennan
SBS dh 2Dry HotRobson
SBS dkDry Cool-
SBS dw 1Dry WarmHorsefly
SBS dw 2Dry WarmBlackwater
SBS dw 3Dry WarmStuart
SBS mc 1Moist ColdMoffat
SBS mc 2Moist ColdBabine
SBS mc 3Moist ColdKluskus
SBS mhMoist Hot-
SBS mk 1Moist CoolMossvale
SBS mk 2Moist CoolWilliston
SBS mmMoist Mild-
SBS mwMoist Warm-
SBS unUndifferentiated-
SBS vkVery Wet Cool-
SBS wk 1Wet CoolWillow
SBS wk 2Wet CoolFinlay-Peace
SBS wk 3Wet CoolTakla
Spruce – Willow – Birch
 SWB dkDry Cool-
SWB mkMoist Cool-
SWB unUndifferentiated-
SWB vkVery Wet Cool-